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Meet The Team

Dave Klein, Co-Founder

Dave has worked with machinery all of his life. He has also dabbled into business ventures. When he's not working in the shop, he enjoys spending his time working on his farm, Walnut Ridge.

Glen founded the company, AG-CO, back in 1976. Starting off building pole barns, he grew the  manufacturing business and expanded its products which includes: cupolas, wagon wheels, wooden carts, footing pads for trailers and decks, and now the PushAll™.

Glen George, Co-Founder

Beth is a small business owner, wife, and mother to three children.  Her conviction and tenacity brought the team together.The PushAll™  is the result of her vision and ingenuity.

Beth Klein, Founder

And So It Began

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Our story is no different. 

In late 2010, an unfortunate and life-threatening accident happened to Dave while setting up his deer stand. This left him physically incapable of doing any work or physical activity while recovering. It would be months before he could help out with chores on the farm, or help  with snow removal in the upcoming winter. The task would have to be handled by Beth.


Michigan winters are brutal. It's cold, windy, snow falls, and it's usually icy. Being a small business owner  on the corner of a major intersection, Beth has the responsibility to keep the sidewalks and paths clear for pedestrians. Her job keeps her on her feet all day, and the extra work of cleaning snow, ice, and slush was taking a toll on her back. She found herself wondering how she was going to manage it all: run the business, take care of the farm, clear the snow from home and her shop, and take care of her severly disabled daughter.

One night during a fitful sleep the idea for the PushAll™ came to her. She knew if she didn't write it down, she would forget it. So even though she was exhausted, she got up and started drawing. The next day she went out and bought some materials to make a prototype. The first model was made with cardboard, bendy straws and Scotch tape.

She took her prototype down to a local manufacturer and asked them if they could build her a shovel that looked like the model, but with plastic on the blades so it wouldn't catch on cracks and ice, and the handle had to be sturdy and durable. So she asked them to use metal for the handle and to make it so anyone could adjust it to their size. They weren't convinced it would work but said they'd build her one. That was the birth of PushAll™.

Dave was so impressed with the shovel, he took it to his friend, Glen George, a local manufacturer. Dave and Glen have known each other for 35 years, beginning when Dave worked for Glen building pole barns in his early adult life. So they started talking and developing the tool. They made it stronger and more durable. They made it lighter, and compact. And they make it here, in the USA, out of recycled plastic.

Part of our mission of creating the PushAll™ is to create jobs. Beth has a severly autistic daughter. Through special education and training, her daughter has learned some  job skills. Beth wants to be successful enough to create packaging jobs for her child as well as other adults with disabilities. Providing them with a sense of belonging and accomplishment in their communities.

We hope you love our product as much as we do. When you buy a PushAll™, you're not only getting a great tool, you're helping to create a brighter future.

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