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Shoveling Tips

Are you making these common shoveling mistakes?

Shoveling is a tedious task, but it can also be dangerous, leaving you with injuries if you do it wrong. With thousands of injuries reported each year from shoveling, we decided to compile some helpful tips that may prevent you from getting injured this season.

  • Heart attacks can be brought on by shoveling wet, heavy snow. Do not over-exert yourself. Listen to your body, and take frequent breaks. Remember to stretch your muscles before you begin.

  • One of the biggest mistakes is lifting snow instead of pushing it. Experts from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons say using your body’s core is the safest way to remove snow.

  • Shovel first! Do not walk or drive on the snow. Doing so only packs the snow down, making it more difficult to remove.

  • You’re using the wrong tools. For instance, you should be using a plastic shovel on uneven surfaces like walkways. Read here for more suggestions on picking the right shovel.

  • Posture is as important as the tool you use. If you have poor form and weakness, chances are you’re going to hurt yourself. Pay attention to your spine, and don’t round your back when shoveling.Stand up as tall as you can and stretch your spine. Do not bend your waist or your back! One way to tell if your posture is incorrect if your lower back is rounded. Use your hips to hinge your movements. Think of it as a standing squat, bracing your core.

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